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I went into the Sustainable New Construction course with very little experience in building but a passion for sustainability. I had always wanted to learn how to build and this was the perfect introduction. This course included everything I wanted to learn and more. I think one of the most comforting things throughout the endeavour was having such approachable teachers who were extremely open, patient and fun to learn from! It felt very gratifying finishing the 6 months and coming away with a collection of tools, skills and the confidence to be on a job site. These skills are for life! I highly recommend this program to anyone who is considering taking a natural building course.



'You are [...] to observe the Genius, Temper, Disposition and Number of the Natives, if there be any and endeavour by all proper means to cultivate a Friendship and Alliance with them, making them presents of such Trifles as they may Value inviting them to Traffick, and Shewing them every kind of Civility and Regard; taking Care however not to suffer yourself to be surprised by them, but to be always upon your guard against any Accidents.

Endeavour uses a different login node than the Discovery cluster. You must use to access your condo nodes on the Endeavour cluster. Otherwise, Endeavour is very similar to the Discovery cluster. You will have access to the same file systems (home1, project, and scratch 1&2) and the same software stack.

To connect using Putty, start in the Configuration window under the Session category and enter as the hostname with port 22 and select Connection type: SSH. Then select Open to open a connection window, enter your USC NetID as the username, and finally enter your USC NetID password. 041b061a72

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