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Buying A Real Christmas Tree For The First Time [NEW]

It could not be easier and more practical to buy a regionally grown, fresh, high quality Christmas tree online. Ordering a real Christmas tree with Walddie allows you to enjoy the convenience of purchasing your tree from the comfort of your home (or on the go from your mobile device), from local farmers without sacrificing quality.

buying a real christmas tree for the first time

After you add your real Christmas tree to your cart, with our fast and easy payment system, we provide you the option to choose your desired Christmas tree delivery date and we deliver your Christmas tree to your front door.

We provide free Christmas tree delivery service. At Walddie, we promise to provide an easy, convenient and uncomplicated customer experience for the holidays. Your real and fresh cut Christmas tree delivered to your door at your schedule delivery date.

Our main objective is to guarantee all customers who buy Christmas trees online with Walddie, high quality products, outstanding customer service and a sustainably grown Christmas tree delivered fresh. By ordering a real Christmas tree online with Walddie, you will receive a local tree in a convenient way.

How much does an average real Christmas tree cost?Prices for Christmas trees vary based on where you are, and in more expensive areas, the prices can get quite high, but across the United States, the average cost for a real tree is $78, while the average cost for an artificial tree is $108.

You can buy a live or real Christmas tree online, and Walddie specializes in shipping real trees to people in various cities and zip codes, such as Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, and Washington, DC. We have several varieties of real Christmas trees for sale, and you can choose the type of real tree that you want in your home for the Christmas season.

When buying a real tree for the first time or when looking for the best offer, many people wonder where to get a real Christmas tree. While you can get a real Christmas tree from farms, vendors, or nurseries, the best place to buy a real Christmas tree is through Walddie, which offers you the same high-quality tree you would get from a local farm without the hassle of having to cut it down and bring it back home. We bring your tree to your door, making the holiday season that much easier.

Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree is a fun story to read every year to the kids, but we don't recommend trying to act it out in real life. It's best to not chop off the top of your Christmas tree just to make it fit! Instead, plan ahead.

If you have small kids (or teens) they may lose interest fast, leaving you with most of the tree to finish on your own. The good news is, if your family isn't into decorating, our elves are. When you buy your real Christmas Tree from us select the lights installation package at checkout. Our elves will help with the most challenging part of decorating the tree, the lights.

If you choose the wrong size tree we will replace it. We do ask that you give your new Christmas tree 24 hours to settle first. This allows the branches to adequately fill the space for which they are intended. After 24 hours, if the tree still isn't the right fit, call us to swap it out for a different size. (fees may apply, see FAQs for details)

When buying a real fresh Christmas tree online, it is important to consider how much you are willing to spend. Buy the tree that's right for your budget and your space. Don't go big because you feel like you have to. This only adds unnecessary stress to your holiday.

When you buy a real Christmas tree instead of an artificial one, you're choosing the planet. Artificial trees sit in landfills once they are tossed, but real Christmas trees are eco-friendly and easily recycled.

If you're not sure how to dispose of a real Christmas tree, simply let us know you would like to utilize our Christmas tree removal service and we will schedule a time to come pick it up after the holidays to properly recycle it.

If the pets tend to chew on branches or eat pine needles, they might throw up but should not cause them real harm or illness. Your pet may have a bit of tummy trouble but it should pass. Avoid using chemicals in the tree's water source to keep pets safe. Consider covering access to the water in the stand to keep pets from drinking the water.

But on a recent sunny day, COVID-19 seemed far away as she, her husband and their 2-year-old daughter roamed a Christmas tree farm in search of the perfect evergreen for a holiday season unlike any other. The family was tree-shopping nearly a week before Thanksgiving and, for the first time, they were picking their own tree instead of buying a pre-cut one.

At some pick-your-own-tree farms, for example, customers sneaked in well before Thanksgiving to tag the perfect tree to cut down once the business opened. As demand surges, big box stores are seeking fresh trees up to a week earlier than last year, and Walmart is offering free home delivery for the first time.

No one tracks annual sales of real trees because independent tree lots are so scattered, but those in the business estimate about 20 million trees or more are sold each year, most of them at big box stores such as Costco and Home Depot.

Lee Farms, a sixth-generation family farm in Tualatin, Oregon, opened for the season a week earlier than last year. It sold more than 100 trees in the first four hours and was seeing new faces at a business that normally welcomes the same customers each year.

Saturday, 9:00 am until 5:30pmSunday,1:00pm until 5:30pmOther hours available by appointmentLaura Faircloth knew then that she wanted to own a Christmas tree farm. The desire grew stronger, and she and her husband, Jamie, eventually bought one, packed their kids up and moved from Nashville into the country. The exit off I-840 to their farm is even named Pinewood Road. How perfect for a Christmas tree farm! So, now the sell pre-cut firs and handmade wreaths. For the first time, this year they will have choose and cut trees. Wreaths start at $12.50, choose and cut trees run $12 per foot, and recut trees begin at $120.

The freshest of fresh Christmas trees centers around the firs, including the balsam fir, noble fir, and Fraser fir, which all boast long needle retention. Another option for a great real Christmas tree is the Scotch pine, which holds onto its needles even when the tree is dry.

When you buy a Christmas tree from a lot, ask how long it's been since the tree was cut. Many trees were cut a month or more before reaching the retailer and these could mean you're buying a tired, dry tree.

If locating and maintaining a real Christmas tree seems like too much of a hassle for you, maybe it's time to invest in other options. The best artificial Christmas trees look like the real thing these days, or they can put a decidedly modern spin on tradition. And, faux trees don't require daily attention.

There are pros and cons to buying both real trees and artificial trees. This guide will give you plenty of both! We will discuss this in detail to help you decide on the best sustainable Christmas trees for you!

Some gardeners still swear by the boiling water trick. The first time they fill the tree stand, they fill it with boiling water. They say it's to liquefy any sap that's hardened at the base of the trunk since it was cut.

I haven't bought a real tree in years. In fact, I think I was around 5 the last time a real tree was in my house. So when my girlfriend said she had her heart set on a real tree, it was time to do some remembering.

The trees at Priddy Farms can come in shades of silvery to deep green, but they all have one thing in common: tradition. Annie Beasley makes it an annual outing with her family to go pick out a real Christmas tree.

If you're looking to visit a nursery or Christmas tree farm to choose your tree, don't forget to take the tape measure with you so you can check your preferred tree is actually the right fit. Alternatively, if you are looking to order a Christmas tree online for delivery from our Staffordshire nursery, include the measurements in the comments when you place the order and we'll pick the perfect tree for you. Avoid the temptation of choosing a tree that's taller than what you really need as you'll just end up having to cut off part of the base and potentially remove some of the lower branches, which may spoil the shape of your tree.

You might prefer to keep the memory of your Christmas tree alive by buying a root balled tree that you can plant outdoors after Christmas. We think this is a particularly good idea if it's your child's first Christmas so you have a lasting memory and can treasure the first tree which will grow with them. The roots will come wrapped with a ball of soil in plastic, which makes them heavier for any given size of tree. For more information on the different types of tree, please visit our page on Choosing between different types of real Christmas tree. At Jackson's Nurseries we sell all of the above types of tree, so you can shop for your Christmas tree online and have it delivered to your front door anywhere in the UK on a day of your choosing.

We would advise against buying your Christmas tree any earlier than the start of December. Remember that real Christmas trees have been living things and however well you care for them, they will only look their best for around 4 weeks. 'No needle drop' Nordman Fir trees will stay looking strong right through Christmas with the right care and attention if installed during the first week of December. If you're looking to choose a Spruce, particularly the Norway Spruce, we recommend ordering your tree for delivery in mid-late December to minimise the number of needles that will fall before Christmas whilst the tree is in your home (you can order anytime for mid- to late delivery dates). 041b061a72

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