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An Arc 210 Technical Manual Pdf __FULL__

The AN/ARC-182(V) is an all-solid-state VHF/UHF AM/FM airborne transceiver, suitable for all types of aircraft. The equipment can be used in fixed station, transportable and vehicle-mounted single, dual and auto-retransmit applications. It appears in the type 28V-1 communications mission terminal, and the 994A-4 portable system. The AN/ARC-182(V) combines both VHF AM/FM and UHF AM/FM transmission and reception capabilities into a single unit. Selection between bands is automatically accomplished as the operator selects the desired frequency (preset or manual) on the control unit. In addition, both AM and FM preset band emergency guard frequencies are automatically tuned through dedicated positions on the selector knob of the companion control. The AN/ARC-182(V) is in service in 42 countries on more than 120 airborne, ground, and mobile installations.

An Arc 210 Technical Manual Pdf

The Rockwell Collins AN/ARC-186(V) family of VHF AM/FM transceiver provides a dual band VHF operational capability in a substantially smaller and lighter package than many single band transceivers that it replaces. The AN/ARC-186(V) combines VHF/AM and VHF/FM transmission and reception capabilities in a single unit. Selection between AM and FM bands is automatically accomplished as the pilot selects the desired frequency (preset or manual) on the control head. If only one band is desired, the unused band may be locked out by an external switch on the receiver transmitter unit. Selection of a frequency in the locked out band is denoted by a warning tone in the pilot's headset. The AN/ARC-186(V) replaces an ageing inventory of mechanical-crystal type airborne radios with current state-of-the-art equipment. In retrofit installations it will replace FM-622 (ARC-131), VHF-101 (ARC-134), ARC-114, ARC-115 as well as Wilcox 807 transceivers that weigh up to seven times as much.

The AN/ARC-210 operates via the MIL-STD-1553B data bus. Optionally, a remote control is available for manual control of the RT system. Red, white, blue-white, or Night Vision Goggle (NVG) green lighting remote control units are available. These are powered by 5 V AC or DC, 28 V AC or DC, or 115 V AC. A remote indicator and a family of broadband, electronically tunable antenna are available to enhance system performance. High power amplifiers (HPA) and Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA) are also available. Under the tenants of acquisition reform, the ARC-210 Program has transitioned from a programmatic "hands-on" approach to a "shared-business" approach which has reduced system cost, increased system reliability, and assured the rapid infusion of new technology into the product to permit enhanced performance and manage parts obsolescence.

This UHF/VHF system is set to be the US Military's standard comm suite. Primary component is RT-1556, with several new upgrades that add significant capabilities. Controlled by a MIL-STD-1553B data-bus and includes a remote indicator, a remote controller for manual operation, and a set of broadband and electronically tunable antennas to support its multi-mode capabilities. RT capabilities also include guard receiver on 121.5 MHz and 243 MHz.

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