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The Teckman Mystery YIFY

Novelist Philip Chance is pushed into writing a biography about young Pilot Martin Teckman, a young man that died testing a plane (The F109.) He's all set to begin when he gets a job offer in Germany that's almost too good to be true, after being out celebrating with his publisher Maurice Milller he returns home to find a dead man, Garvin, in his living room. Garvin was known to Maurice, and was a friend of Teckman. Philip had made the acquaintance of Teckman's sister Helen on a flight home, she's quizzed by Inspector Hilton and Major Harris. Garvin had worked on the test plane with Teckman. Philip is pulled off his flight, and Helen gets a phone call from whom she thinks is her brother.Frances Durbridge's work has been made adapted several times, but there is always a particular flavour to his work, so much mystery, suspense and intrigue. I'm a huge fan of Melissa, a series penned by Frances, there are definitely similarities.Really enjoyable film, lovely performances, John Justice and Margaret Leighton were particularly good, you are literally left guessing until the very last, 8/10

The Teckman Mystery YIFY


This fifties British mystery film holds together and is very good. It was based on a mystery tale by Francis Durbridge which had been filmed as a six-part BBC television series only the year before, entitled THE TECKMAN BIOGRAPHY (1953-4), with a now forgotten cast, which has never been reviewed, and is presumably lost. The story, being here greatly compressed, thus has a great deal of meat to it and is never short on substance. The film was the first feature film directed by Wendy Toye (1917-2010), a multi-talented woman who was also an actress, choreographer, dance instructor, ballet dancer, writer, producer, and stage director. She did an excellent job of directing this film, which is a true British film noir. John Justin and Margaret Leighton are the leads and they do very well. Leighton is very good at ambiguity and impenetrable mystery. Roland Culver plays a dogged police inspector and Michael Medwin plays the elusive Martin Teckman, who turns out not to have died as a test pilot in the dramatic crash of an experimental plane after all, but turns up in the middle of the film very much alive but very much on the run. It is a good and intriguing espionage yarn. 041b061a72

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