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the advent of broadband internet connections and faster computers have allowed students to play games online, through other computers or on their own computers. students can also play games on their computers, even when using an x-screening program and the windows xp system.

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they play world of warcraft and other games for 10 or more hours a day during the school year. another player told us, i look at the forum and read a lot of talk. other games they play include call of duty 4, urban terror, world of warcraft, counter-strike, and quake iii. students also use online multiplayer networks like, quakenet, and gamespy to communicate with other players. a student who plays world of warcraft told us that he lists his online status as "in-game" whenever he is playing. such games are played for hours at a time while students are at school, and most students report that they are in class or doing homework for much of the time spent playing.

other internet uses by students include playing games and watching movies on their computers. one 9th-grade girl told us, i played monkey island for hours and hours. in fact, i had it on my hard drive for two years. it looked like a roller coaster ride. i played it on my computer from the time i got home from school to around midnight.

many education experts argue that technology-based learning will benefit students and educators by improving literacy levels, increasing student motivation, providing individualised instruction, providing interactive learning experiences, maintaining learning throughout students' lives and promoting a greater sense of ownership and responsibility for student progress. indeed, research is beginning to suggest that digital technologies can help to improve the learning process.

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