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Sky Force

Special upgrades are available in certain stages of Skyforce 2014 as soon as the stage begins. You can equip upto 5 of each upgrades(upto 5 lasers, upto 5 energy shields and 3 mega bombs) per stage. For using the Special upgrade, remove the finger from screen while playing. You will get into Slow-Motion mode and now you will see three buttons to select which power to use, with the number of each one available at the moment. You earn additional special upgrades by killing the enemies as well.

sky force

Stage 5 is a very tactful stage of Sky force 2014. Where your ability of be swiftly navigating your plane will be on test. There is an EMF missile launched by a submarine which constantly follows your plane, it never dies until the end. And on striking your plane, it renders your plane void of all the defence and fire-power. Your plane now just moves on with no fire-power or equipments. To clear this stage you require:

1. Learn the patterns Each stage sees the enemy forces coming from the same place and following the same routes. Remember them and it will be a lot easier to take them out and complete a stage. During my first playthrough I had to go through the first and easiest stage multiple times before even reaching the end, so learning the patterns is what you should do.

4. Main priority: getting stars and shooting down enemies Rescuing all people is not a requirement you can easily complete unless you really know a level and you have a strong enough ship to take out most of the enemy forces. Focusing on bringing down the enemy ships, though, gives you higher chances of at least completing the 70% destruction requirement and you will also get a lot more stars that will help you upgrade the ship faster. So focus on shooting down the enemy and only afterwards on fully maxing out each stage.

Current Miami Heat consultant Phil Weber will succeed Pat Delany, who was named an assistant with the Charlotte Hornets in July. The Skyforce are affiliated with the Heat, who announced the hiring Tuesday and scheduled an Oct. 8 news conference in Sioux Falls to introduce Weber.

Weber becomes the 17th head coach in the 25-year history of the Skyforce. Joining his staff are assistants Chris Quinn, who played six years in the NBA, and Corey Belser, who played professionally in Europe and for NBA Summer League teams. Quinn most recently served as director of player development at Northwestern University, and Belser was a video intern for the Heat last season.

The Skyforce had four players score in double digits by halftime, led by Kelley, who had 15 points at the break. Sioux Falls shot .700 from the field by halftime as they controlled the game early, scoring 40 points in the first quarter alone.

Last weekend a group of people from the Kern Astronomical Society gathered at a member's house to put together goody bags and create beautiful poster displays for the Astronomy Day that will take place on April 12th at the new Houchin Community Blood Bank at 11515 Bolthouse Drive. The event will be free. It will include a special speaker, Alex Filippenko, who will talk about dark energy and the accelerating universe. This dark energy is the astronomy kind, not something from Harry Potter or the like. Dark energy of the physical astronomy kind is a form of energy of empty space that makes up about 68% of the total universe's energy. It is responsible for making the expansion of the universe increase at a faster rate than before against the attractive force of gravity that would tend to slow the expansion rate down. 041b061a72

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